With the right advice, expert knowledge and experience, we can guide you through those important decisions, and offer professional and measured opinions.  You only get to marry once, but we have done it all before, many many times. We know the ins and outs, the penny savers and can recommend the most suitable and talented service providers in the industry and coach you through every step.

As your wedding planner, we recommend the best vendors to bake your cake capture your day on film, and design your perfect wedding. We negotiate contracts with your vendors. We develop budgets. We advise you on handling delicate family issues and etiquette. We know how many chairs, tablecloths or teaspoons you need. Being experienced events planners, we think through all the details of parking, power requirements, staffing. We take the worry of you so you can be present in the moment and enjoy your day.  


Flamboijant understands that many couples like to plan and organise their own weddings but want to relax and enjoy their wedding day without worrying about the little details! Likewise they do not wish to impose duties on their family and friends on the actual day. There is a lot to consider for a smooth wedding day – As the bride, you can't be in two places at once and things may happen that you can't control or anticipate.

With Flamboijant on hand, we will ensure every detail you have tirelessly planned is executed flawlessly. Your wedding day coordinator will be that one point of contact to oversee and direct proceedings to make sure everything is set up and runs as planned - this means you don't have to rely on friends or family members to step in as party planners or decorators for the day. We will be your arms, legs and eyes doing all the things you wish you could but can't.